Pyrotechnic Magazine – Issue #2

Pyrotechnic Magazine – Issue #2


Yes it is finally here… Issue #2  We have listened to our readers and although lots of people loved the tablet version of the magazine we felt, for now, it would be better for everyone to see the magazine and not just people with tablets. In the future we may look at this again but at this time the magazines new home is with issuu.

You can view the magazine via this link on ANY device or computer >>>

Obviously on a mobile phone you will have to scale the publication to read it… But you WILL be able to see it, which is what our readers wanted.   On your smart phone and tablets you can download a issuu app that allows to store favorites and lots of other cool things like sharing the magazine pages in ‘CLIPS’ via Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites.  Tony, Michael and I have worked very hard to get you this 2nd issue of the magazine and we hope you ALL enjoy reading it, please share this with all Pyro’s you know as this magazine is still a FREE publication!

Enjoy  The Pyrotechnic Magazine Team