Pyrotechnic Magazine – New editor introduction

Pyrotechnic Magazine – New editor introduction


Michael Richards has been hired to be the new editor of Pyrotechnic Magazine!

If the name sounds familiar, it is because Michael Richards was the editor and art director of ’76 Pyro Magazine for almost 5 years (2007-2011). ’76 Pyro was a groundbreaking pyrotechnic publication that for the very first time highlighted the amazing world of fireworks worldwide. He was also the art director/designer for the National Fireworks Association (NFA) Newsletter for almost 5 years as well, and designed/created the popular Expo Guide for the NFA conventions. Now, he’ll be working as the editor of Pyrotechnic Magazine—and we’re very happy to have him onboard!

“I think Pyrotechnic Magazine is the next logical step for the fireworks industry,” Michael said recently to Publisher Tony Gemmink. “Whereas it is difficult to truly capture the majesty of fireworks on the printed page, digitally—with photos and videos—we can now share fireworks displays in a whole new way. Tablets/iPads are the perfect medium to use to share, describe and instruct everyone interested in the pyrotechnic industry. It’s really an exciting idea whose time has come.”

In addition to being an editor and writer (Michael wrote the article about master pyrotechnician John Sagaria for our premiere issue), Michael is also a professional photographer, graphic designer and—believe it or not—a political consultant with over 100 campaigns under his belt!

Michael will begin his tenure as editor beginning with the second issue of Pyrotechnic Magazine. Let’s all join in and welcome Michael (known to many by his moniker “FireDzine”) into our pyrotechnic fold. We look forward to his articles and to his influence. We also welcome his creative insight into how to use our ever-changing technology to better highlight the grandeur of the fireworks industry.

Jason & Tony
Pyrotechnic Magazine