35 km north of Paris, France (just 32 km from Paris’ Disneyland Resort) is Astérix Parc. If you are familiar with French comics, then you are familiar with “The Adventures of Astérix,” and the stories and illustrations of Albert Uderzo and Réne Goscinny. Astérix Parc is a theme-based amusement part based entirely on the characters in these adventures. The 45-acre park opened in 1989, and features family-friendly rides and (just like its Disney cousin) elaborately costumed comic book characters who parade throughout the park.

Pyrotechnic_Magazine_5_Blanc2It was here—primarily because of their wonderful nighttime roller coaster show—I chose to create my own fireworks fantasy photography. What the audience witnessed as a flaming comet trailing along the rollercoaster tracks was much different from the images you see here. My photos were actually long exposures (set to “bulb” with the shutter wide open and the camera placed on a tripod). Instead of a flaming ball of sparks, I simply kept the shutter open until the comet completed the entire route. The resulting photograph is a spark-laden waterfall where fireworks appear to actually weep from the rollercoaster cars themselves.

Many thanks to the originator and designer of this nighttime spectacle (just one small part of a much larger show), Edouard Grégoire who works for the French company ArtEventia. It certainly wowed the crowd that night and made possible some wonderful imagery.