Trenton, Michigan on the 4th of July

Trenton, Michigan on the 4th of July


Written by Zachary Olds of Zolds Photography

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Fritz Enterprises, the city of Trenton was able to put on an amazing fireworks show this past 4th of July. Trenton is a relatively small town (just shy of 20,000 people) located about 23 miles south of Detroit. What makes this show particularly beautiful is its location: Rotary Park directly on the Detroit River. Fireworks displays on this river are particularly beautiful, and the park itself has a reputation for being well kept and especially scenic.


This was the 5th year in a row that the size of the show has been expanded, and although Trenton is a relatively small town, it now boasts one of the largest fireworks displays in all of Michigan.

Although there was a concert scheduled in the park right before the fireworks, we mistakenly left only about a half hour before the 10:00 PM start time. That wasn’t good planning on our part because we ended up getting stuck behind a rotating bridge that turned to let boats pass through, and then frustratingly behind a driver traveling only about 5 mph the rest of the way. We somehow managed to park about five minutes before the show and miraculously managed to make it to the water’s edge with 2 minutes to spare!

Was it worth the trouble? OMG, yes! This beautiful pyromusical display was wonderfully choreographed to an excellent mixture of music that ranged from 50s rock ‘n’ roll to Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite—all music that thoroughly enhanced the brilliance of the colorful displays. The fact that the music was simulcast on local radio also made certain that music filled the entire park just like color filled the entire night sky.


They shot some phenomenal fireworks that evening, too—many types I have never seen before. This huge diversity of shells then ended with “God Bless America” to a finale that almost made my heart stop. No wonder this display was rated the top firework display in Michigan this year. Kudos to the city of Trenton, Fritz Enterprises, and the creative genius of Ace Pyro ( for putting on such a spectacular show!