The Sonnwendfeier 2015
The biggest fireworks from Switzerland.
Written by Jack Suijkerbuijk Photo by Gerdo Wenting

Ones every 3 year in the Swiss City of Oensingen an 90 year old tradition takes place: The biggest fireworks of Switzerland. Its organized by 2 clubs named the Ravellen club (RCO) and the Vogelherdclub (VCO). The fireworks itself is setup on a hill in the middle of the city. One in side of the hill the fireworks from the Ravellen is setup and on the other side the fireworks from the vogelherdclub is placed. In the middle is a white castle what marks a sort of border between the two clubs. The fireworks is a sort of gigantic pyro-battle between the Ravellen and the Vogelherdclub. The fireworks isn’t actually fired by them self, for that they hired one of the best fireworks companies from Switzerland.

for the Ravellen club it is Bugano and for the Vogelherdclub they hired this time Hamberger Pyrotechnics. With around 10 tons of powder, around 8000 mortars, the biggest mortar is 400mm\16inch wide, a duration of 1 hour, a front of each fireworks of several hundreds of meters. And total more than 1 kilometer it sure is big! The given budget is estimated around 300.000 Euros!  Around  50.000 people from across the country and from Europe visiting every edition this biggest fireworks of Switzerland.

The fireworks display is divided in chapters each team fires a part after each other. For me it was hard to decide who won this edition of the Sonnwendfeier. Was it the clean way of firing from Bugano? Or the more passionate and slightly more aggressive way from Hamberger? In the videos from both side you could deice for yourself who was the better one! Next edition is the 20th of March 2018 at 20:15 sharp!