Issue #5

Issue #5

This year the international fireworks competition held in Hannover celebrated its 25th anniversary. This festival is held in perhaps one of the most beautiful locations ever chosen for a fireworks competition—the Herrenhausen Gardens, located in Lower Saxony’s capital of Hannover, Germany—and is one of the most famous fireworks festivals in all of Europe. For 25 years now many of...

Written by Zachary Olds of Zolds Photography Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Fritz Enterprises, the city of Trenton was able to put on an amazing fireworks show this past 4th of July. Trenton is a relatively small town (just shy of 20,000 people) located about 23 miles south of Detroit. What makes this show particularly beautiful is its location:...



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Vincent Koen filmed the very first video of Malta I ever watched. It was back in 2004 when he was filming some fireworks footage...


Popularly known throughout the world for their Gouda Cheese, Clogs and Windmills, the Dutch are now becoming increasingly recognised for their love of fireworks....


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