Issue #5

Issue #5

When either Memorial Day or Independence Day rolls around, I fervently search out the best possible fireworks shows to go to see in my area. Fortunately, Richmond, Virginia and its surrounding counties offer an overabundance of excellent shows to choose from—especially if you love photographing great pyrotechnic festivals. I’m not sure exactly what it is about the 4th of...

Written by Zachary Olds of Zolds Photography Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Fritz Enterprises, the city of Trenton was able to put on an amazing fireworks show this past 4th of July. Trenton is a relatively small town (just shy of 20,000 people) located about 23 miles south of Detroit. What makes this show particularly beautiful is its location:...



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One of the aspects which makes this event so special is all of the displays are produced by hobbyists.  Many display companies offer their...


Here in the Netherlands when summer holidays are over and people begin going back to work or school, fireworks importers and the companies that...


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