Issue #3

Issue #3

  The Dutch really love fireworks—insanely love fireworks. Maybe that’s an understatement, but it is definitely factual nonetheless, and rarely stated as a simple sentence out loud. It is to the extent they love fireworks that makes them come across as “pyroholics,” however. Yearly, we spend somewhere in the ballpark of 67 million Euro's on legal fireworks. It's hard to...

Arras is the capital of the Pas-De-Calais department (located 180 km north of Paris), and is well known for its beautiful belfry or bell tower, which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2005. This great historical honor was celebrated by staging a huge firework show that surrounded the bell tower and bathed its buildings in...



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‘The Corda’ has for many years been the way people from the Valencian region of Spain have enjoyed their gunpowder, but above all, it...


Here in the Netherlands when summer holidays are over and people begin going back to work or school, fireworks importers and the companies that...


The Pennsylvania Organization of Recreational Chaos (PORC) is a club who likes to have a lot of fun. We try to bring something unique...

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